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Water Bouser

Water Bouser

Water Bouser

It carries 5000 litres of water and has a demountable pump, which can be used on or off the vehicle. In addition, it has a fixed 60m hose reel allowing the vehicle to be used for quick attack purposes, and a rear mounted monitor (or ?water gun?) for projecting large volumes of water at a fire.

The primary role of the vehicle is to get large quantities of fire fighting water to difficult locations, either to supply other fire-fighting vehicles with water, or just to act as a static emergency water supply, say at an event site or film shoot. A large collapsible dam of 11,000 ltr capacity is carried, which can quickly be set up at the scene of any incident or site, into which the contents of the tanker can be emptied, before leaving to refill, thus leaving a temporary water supply which can be continually topped up. The vehicle can be filled from any hydrant or other water supply, or open water using the onboard pump.

Another unique feature is the fitment of sparge pipes around the vehicle, which discharge water around and underneath the vehicle as it is driven around, allowing large field or heath fires to be extinguished with ease, or to make a ?wet fire break? at any such fire. In another role, large areas can be wet down for film special effects, or just dust suppression, using the same apparatus.

Water Bouser with Water Tower

Water Bouser with Water Tower

Water Tank Capacity : 500 to 30000 ltr.
Foam Tank Capacity: 500 to 30000 ltr.
Water Tower Height : 12/16/25/29 mtr.
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